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Is your merchandise available in retail stores?
Our products are not available in retail stores. They are offered exclusively on the Internet through our Website directly from our factory. What sets us apart from other manufacturers and retailers in the business is the fact that we have no middlemen, and therefore no additional markups before the products are presented to the consumers.
What kind of leather do you use on your products?
We use the highest quality full grain hides that have undergone a vegetable tanning process. This results in a finish, which is naturally waterproof. The hides are 5-6 oz. in weight, which produce extremely rugged and durable products. All linings used, are high quality full grain leathers to ensure maximum wear.
Are the handles and the straps on your briefcases/backpacks sturdy enough to carry a lot of weight?
A steel metal strip that’s embedded in between two layers of leather supports the handles on our briefcases. The straps on our briefcases as well as the backpacks are constructed with the same emphasis on strength. They comfortably support/carry weights up to 30 lbs.
Are you able to change the overall dimensions of your products?
Yes, any one of our products can be custom-made to your specifications.
Can you add a pocket to your current designs?
Yes, but in order to add pockets, the product needs to be custom-built from scratch.
Can you customize your briefcases with additional compartments?
Yes, any one of our products can be custom-made with additional compartments
Is there a way to have a briefcase made that can also be used as a backpack?
Yes. Any one of our briefcases can be custom-made to be carried as a briefcase/backpack as seen in our "convertibles" selection.
Do you have any backpacks that can carry a laptop computer?
Our Classic and Original backpacks (in large sizes) can carry laptop computers comfortably. In addition, you can have the Classic backpack customized with padding inside for extra protection for your laptop.
Is it possible to change the hardware finish on your products?
Yes, the basic choices of hardware besides our standard Antique Brass finish are: Polished Brass, Mat Nickel, and Polished Nickel.

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